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ClassifyIt - Features

Manage and protect sensitive and classified information. Explicitly marking emails and documents creates sensitivity by the recipients for proper handling the information. In combination with handling procedures this is an effective manner to minimise unintentional data leakage. Combining this further with an application firewall will prevent unintentional data leakage.

ClassifyIt is a Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook and Word, of the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite.

ClassifyIt supports Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by enforcing for emails the insertion of security markings and supporting those on documents. DLP is supported by readable security markings which are to be respected by persons accessing and handling the data. ClassifyIt also adds non-readable information to emails (X-Header) and documents (properties) which can support network security DLP measures through mailguards or web firewalls.

ClassifyIt supports the enforcement of classification markings on emails or word documents. The markings can be configured to be compliant with the company's or organisation's security policy.

ClassifyIt supports the selection of release markings to ensure company's and organisation's security policy compliant markings.


ClassifyIt – Email Features

ClassifyIt enforces policy compliant security markings on each email. An Email cannot be send if the marking was not added through ClassifyIt or changed by the user.

ClassifyIt checks attachment types and stops emails with attachments which are not allowed to be sent.

ClassifyIt can block or warn replies or forwards of emails when the classification of the forward/reply is 'lower' than the original email.

ClassifyIt can block word attachments which have a higher classification than the email.

ClassifyIt supports up to 3 representations of the selected security marking, also called translation. This is often used in international or multinational organisations.

ClassifyIt adds X-Header information to the email envelope, which support network security devices to find and potentially prevent sending of 'non-authorised' marked emails to outsiders (e.g. if not rel PUBLIC, email must not be sent through the Internet).


ClassifyIt – Document Features

ClassifyIt supports policy compliant security markings on documents.

ClassifyIt adds Property information to the document, which support network security devices to find and potentially prevent sending of 'non-authorised' documents.

ClassifyIt supports the filling of the standard word document properties through a user friendly form providing direct read/write access to those properties. To improve standardisation ClassifyIt provides user defined templates, keywords and categories.

ClassifyIt – Spreadsheet Features

ClassifyIt supports policy compliant security markings on spreadsheets.

ClassifyIt adds Property information to the spreadsheet, which support network security devices to find and potentially prevent sending of 'non-authorised' documents.


ClassifyIt – Administration

The administration of ClassifyIt is very easy. Only one configuration file specifies the security markings, their formatting and email and document specific enforcements.

The configuration file is JSON formatted and follows a well known and well defined standard in a human readable format.

The configuration file can be stored on a Web-Server or on a file system service, either on the local drive or on a network drive.

Example of a configuration for the classifications in the JSON file. The adoption of this file is necessary to represent the security policy of the organisation implementing ClassifyIt.


Example - Email (Outlook)

Emails can be configured to have a special word in-front of the marking (like Classification)

Example - Word (Document)

Example - Excel (Spreadsheet)



ClassifyIt Toolbar

Outlook                          Word                        Excel



Example - ClassifyIt Selection

This selection is the interface providing the user with the full set of possible classification and release markings - the entries in all three fields are fully customisable.

Example - Quick Select

This selection is an option to provide the user with 'normal' or often used classification and release markings. This is an easy and intuitive drop-down menu with a descriptive selection of the real classification and release marking.

 Properties (Word)