Passwords are the keys to our secrets in the digital cyber world. Many people re-use passwords, which is fine, provided that the password is a good password. So you should take some time to generate a good password. After a while (one, maximum two years) one should change passwords. Never use the exact same password for different websites or accounts. Use variations with different upper- and lower-case, and some numbers/special characters. A good password is something which is not linked to your habits or preferences or anything which links to your person. Needless to mention that passwords need to have an appropriate complexity. For this reason the Diceware method was created, which is easy to do for anyone – just roll a dice for several times. All details and background is given at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diceware

Software Application

You could use our Diceware application to generate your passwords locally on your own computer (currently supporting passwords in English, German, and French. Other languages might be soon available).

Click here to download.  


The following screen-shot shows the form of the DiceWare passphrase application. In principle it has 6 fields for the generation of 6 passwords. There are 2 options to 'roll the dice'. Either through the click on the Generate button, or by rolling a dice and insert the number in the field above the button. Once 5 random numbers have been generated the password in accordance with the Diceware list is shown in the upper field. Last, but not least, the language of the passwords can be changed (currently: English, German, French).